The future of work is already here, it is just unevenly distributed.

Companies will compete on innovation and talent like never before. Labor markets will become more dynamic, not less. Skill obsolescence will be a permanent risk. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and economic recovery will be long-term efforts. And technology will not only change work, but workforce development itself. At the Center for Education and Workforce we address these challenges by transforming them into opportunities, and this is done through promoting agility—agility through partnerships, data, and investment.


Talent Pipeline Management (TPM)

An employer-led strategy to build real career pathways aligned to dynamic business needs.

The Talent Pipeline Management® (TPM) initiative is a workforce strategy helping regions across the country meet the needs of today’s changing business environment. It is a demand-driven, employer-led approach to close the skills gap that builds pipelines of talent aligned to dynamic business needs.

Since inception, more than 3,000 employers across 37 U.S. states, D.C., and Canada, have implemented this strategy. Our TPM Academy® trains state and local leaders, business associations, employers, and economic development agencies to develop partnerships and implement TPM based on their specific needs.


T3 Innovation Network

Modernizing the technology infrastructure for America's education and workforce data.

The T3 Innovation Network has grown to more than 500 organizations. This initiative brings business leaders, educators, and HR professionals together to change the way we provide, access, and use educational and workforce data by using advanced technologies like AI, blockchain, and others to create an open and decentralized public-private data ecosystem. Together, we are building the data and technology infrastructure to allow employers to signal the skills they need, for learners to signal what they can do, and for educators to signal what people are being trained and educated to do.


Jobs and Employment Data Exchange (JEDx)

Utilizing the latest tech and data to better match
the right people with the right jobs. 

The Jobs and Employment Data Exchange (JEDx) initiative will give real-time data about the labor market so employers know what jobs and skills are available and needed today. JEDx will streamline and improve how employers report data to government agencies, produce better longitudinal data about jobs and employment to power new workforce analytics while protecting privacy, and empower Americans with data and trusted records to verify their work history and eligibility for benefits.

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Talent Finance

A public-private approach to investing in talent to address the challenges and requirements of the new economy.

Current approaches to financing education and career readiness fail to meet the needs of the labor market. The Talent Finance initiative will explore new ways to invest in people and skills that keep pace with innovation and advance economic opportunity, diversity, inclusion, and competitiveness.

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Employers Using TPM to Strengthen Their Talent Pipelines

Local First Arizona is developing an essential pipeline to train nursing talent in rural Arizona by leveraging partnerships to meet in-demand workforce needs. 

Kentucky Workforce Center

The Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center is bringing business, education, and workforce partners together to create high-quality, sustainable workforce solutions in Kentucky.