Mary Kate Morley Ryan

Mary Kate Morley Ryan
Principal Director, Accenture

Mary Kate Morley Ryan is a leader on Accenture’s Future Workforce team with a focus on social innovation and radical inclusion.  She is responsible for Accenture’s US Innovating for Society strategy.  She has worked closely with Fortune 50 C-suite leaders, local civic leaders, higher education executives and even military leaders.  No matter the place or the people, her focus is on holding the space for public and private sector leaders to shape the future of work. 

As the daughter of a single Mom, she witnessed the power of grit, selflessness and community support. She’s translated these learnings into her work by championing courageous collaboration, human-centered design and servant leadership.  She received a degree from Saint Louis University in Business Administration and is co-teaching a course on Possible Future Livelihoods at Stanford in Fall '20.

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