Carrie Snyder

Circular Economy Advisor and Educator, CSS Consulting

Carrie Snyder is the Founder of CSS Consulting, a circular economy consulting firm, and an Instructor at the Harvard Extension School, teaching the course “Introduction to the Circular Economy.” Carrie is also a certified Circulab consultant. 

During a multi-faceted 15-year career at Cisco Systems, a common thread developed for Carrie concerning the question of "what happens to products after they are sold to our customers?" To this end, Carrie developed extensive expertise in product take back, reuse, repair/refurbishment and resale.

At one point she was part of a group that transformed what was an USD$8M cost center for Cisco into a USD$100M profit center, and later on, was the Director responsible for a closed-loop supply chain and related sales program supporting over $1B in sales.  

Carrie brings her both extensive cross-functional business expertise and academic interests to help companies develop business strategy relating to the circular economy.