David Smith

Managing Director, Talent & Organization, Accenture Strategy

David Smith is senior managing director for Talent & Organization within Accenture Strategy. His role focuses on helping organizations increase the value of their human capital, while also dramatically improving the performance of their enterprises.

Mr. Smith specializes in designing and developing human capital strategies and solutions for clients and has extensive international experience working with some of the world’s largest organizations.

Mr. Smith is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events around the world. One of Forbes’ “Business Visionaries,” he is a prolific author and co-author, and is frequently asked to contribute his opinions and views on human capital issues in major publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, CNN.com, and National Public Radio, as well as T+D magazine, HR News, HR Executive and Talent Management magazine.

Mr. Smith is co-author of “The Workforce of One: Revolutionizing Talent Management through Customization” (Harvard Business Press, June 2010). He is a regular contributor to the Accenture client-focused journal of high performance, Outlook.

Mr. Smith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Masters of Business from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is based in Hartford, Connecticut, United States.

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