Dr. Holly Orozco

Academic Dean, School of Public Health, University of Phoenix College of Health Professions

Dr. Holly Orozco has over 10 years of progressive leadership within regional accredited institutions of higher education. She currently serves the University of Phoenix in the role of Founding Dean of Public Health. She is working to build and launch public health degree programs and a school of public health for the institution. She previously served Trident University International as a Dean for the Colleges of Health and Human Services and Education; and Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness. In these roles she provided leadership and oversight for academic and institutional assessment activities that influenced the strategic planning for the University; and was responsible for the day to day operations, faculty oversight and curriculum for bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs within her respective colleges. Dr. Orozco has held professor and faculty roles within the College of Health and Human Services at Trident University and within the School of Nursing at California State University, Los Angeles.

In addition to teaching and academic leadership positions within higher education, Dr. Orozco has over 20 years of professional experiences in Public Health. Dr. Orozco has held leadership positions such as the Senior Advisor for Substance Abuse Policy within the former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano’s Office where she worked to create solid State infrastructure and organizational responses for substance abuse prevention and treatment. She has worked as a Prevention Specialist for Orange County’s Alcohol and Drug Education & Prevention Team in Southern California. Additionally, she has served as a Health Educator to fourteen Native American Tribal Nations within Southern California. Dr. Orozco has population research experiences working at Loma Linda University’s Center for Evaluation Research and at UCLA’s Center for Health Policy Research.

Dr. Orozco graduated with her Master’s (1993) and Doctoral (2003) degree in Public Health from Loma Linda University, with emphasis in Dependency Behaviors and Community Health, and Health Education and Health Administration respectively. She has served as the Vice President (2014) and President Elect (2015) for the Southern California Public Health Association and is a current member of the Board of Education for the American Public Health Association, and a member of the Arizona Public Health Association. She is an advocate for enhanced public health training through strategic alignment with schools of public health and professional practice. She has knowledge and experience with public health program accreditation and is currently working to develop foundational public health programs for the University of Phoenix for busy working adults. 

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