Isabelle Beegle-Levin

VP, Business Development, Kimble's Aviation Logistical Services (KALS) Inc.

Isabelle Beegle-Levin attended Wittenberg University where she studied Music and International Relations. Her first internship was at the Library of Congress Music Division. However, when she first saw the interior of the Capitol Dome and how enthusiastic her roommates were about their work in Congress, she knew she had to experience it!

When she went back to finish her senior year at Wittenberg, Isabelle began interning for the local congressman’s office. That led to a move to DC upon graduation, and a subsequent hire with the House Transportation Committee. During her four years with the House Transportation Committee, she worked on legislation including water resources development, aviation and highway reauthorizations, and public-private partnerships in all the Committee’s areas of jurisdiction.

Isabelle had an interest in gaining private sector experience and in seeing PPPs in action, so she made the transition to Transurban, the company that operates the Express Lanes in the DC area. There she focused on public affairs including the organization’s federal thought leadership plan, which she created, managed, and carried out including legislative research and outreach, facilitating leadership with key industry associations and events, drafting articles and company position papers, and planning community outreach events. 

Now with Kimble’s Aviation Logistical Services (KALS), a company that specializes in emergency fuels response and ongoing aviation fuel truck maintenance, Isabelle manages the organization’s business development, public affairs, and government affairs activities. She has led multiple winning proposals over the past year, and recently attended Shipley Business Development Bootcamp to hone her government contract writing skills.

She has also had the opportunity to use her MA in Global Security from Johns Hopkins University in providing big picture strategic analysis of current world events, international logistics and energy issues, and economics.

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