Leila Janah

Founder of Samasource

Leila Janah is the founder of Samasource, an award-winning social business that connects people living in poverty to microwork — small, computer-based tasks that build skills and generate life-changing income. She serves on the boards of OneLeap and TechSoup Global and as an advisor to mobile shopping app RevelTouch.

Prior to Samasource, Janah was a a Visiting Scholar with the Stanford Program on Global Justice and Australian National University’s Center for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics. She was a founding Director of  Incentives for Global Health, an initiative to increase R&D spending on diseases of the poor, and a management consultant at Katzenbach Partners (now Booz & Co.). She has also worked at the World Bank and as a travel writer for Let’s Go in Mozambique, Brazil, and Borneo.

Janah is a frequent speaker on social entrepreneurship and technology, and her work has been profiled by CBS, CNN, NPR, the BBC, The New York Times, and The New Scientist. She is the recipient of a 2011 World Technology Award and a 2012 TechFellow Award.

She received a BA from Harvard and lives in San Francisco.

Leila was a speaker at the Global Conference in October 2011. Her topic was 'Microwork – Technology's Answer to Microfinance'. 

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