Noobtsaa Phili Vang

Noobtsaa Vang
Founder and CEO, Foodhini

Noobtsaa is Hmong American and he grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. Noobtsaa previously had a career as an engineer, but moved to DC to pursue his MBA at Georgetown University. It was during this transition when he began to work on the idea of Foodhini. Noobtsaa grew up eating his mom’s delicious Hmong food and craved it when he arrived in DC. For so many in the Hmong community, including his parents, there are almost impossible language and educational barriers to finding living wage jobs. Noobtsaa recognized that many immigrant and refugee communities face this challenge as well, and in 2016 he founded Foodhini, a food venture focused on creating sustainable job opportunities for marginalized immigrant and refugee communities by using the power of food. Foodhini is an online restaurant that provides undiscovered talented immigrant chefs the opportunity to prepare and sell their unique home recipes to the masses through online delivery and traditional catering. Since beginning operations in October 2016, Foodhini has worked with many different chefs and currently features chefs from Syria, Laos, Eritrea, Iran, and Bangladesh. Foodhini just recently opened their first food stall at Whole Foods in Foggy Bottom too!

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