Rachel Kesselman

Rachel Kesselman
Global Citizenship, FedEx

Rachel Kesselman has been with FedEx for 13 years, including the last 6 on the Global Citizenship team. She leads FedEx’s global volunteerism efforts and the Delivering for Good pillar. She focuses on lending FedEx’s global network and logistics expertise to organizations that address mission critical needs in times of disaster and non-disaster to help communities heal, learn and thrive. She also works to engage team members whose expertise can be utilized to support the company’s philanthropic initiatives.

Rachel has many charitable interests of her own and has been a volunteer lead in Memphis for the FedEx Spring sustainable projects through National Fish & Wildlife Foundation.  She holds a B.S.J. (Journalism) from The University of Kansas, serves on several boards in Memphis area, loves college basketball and has a Catahoula Leoprard dog named Phog (pronounced Fog).

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