William Porter

William Porter
Deputy Director, Operations Support, Team Rubicon

William Porter is a native of Myrtle Beach, SC and a 13-year veteran of the US Air Force, where he served as a Security Forces Member and Office of Special Investigations Special Agent. William has fulfilled numerous duties throughout his military career including distinguished positions as the Antiterrorism/Force Protection Officer for US Air Forces in Europe/NATO Air Forces North, Protective Services Detail for the US Air Forces in Europe Commander as well as distinguished visitors from around the world, and as a Program Security Officer for US Special Operations Command and US Department of Justice assets.

William joined Team Rubicon as a volunteer in 2012. Since that time, William has served in numerous Incident Command positions as a demonstrated Planning Section Chief and Incident Commander on domestic and international operations as part of Team Rubicon’s Incident Management Team. William previously served as a consultant for Team Rubicon, building Team Rubicon’s all-source information collection and analysis platforms. William joined Team Rubicon full-time in 2016, as Team Rubicon’s lead disaster operations planner, where he planned responses to complex operations like: Team Rubicon’s first endeavor of water rescues during Hurricane Harvey; participation in USSOUTHCOM Humanitarian Assistance Exercises providing medical and first responder training in Honduras, Guatemala, and Guyana; Team Rubicon’s first domestic medical deployment staffing a medical aid station in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria; and Infection Prevention and Control deployments to the Marshall Islands during the Dengue Fever outbreak of 2019. William currently serves as the Deputy Director of Operations Support where he oversees all of Team Rubicon’s domestic and international operations, manages Team Rubicon’s National Operations Center, and builds high-performing teams so Team Rubicon can continue to go “farther, faster” and alleviate suffering due to disaster.

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