Bob Otter

Co-Founder and CEO, citizenAID North America

Bob has spent his entire career in the emergency response field. Currently in his 23rd year in the fire service as a Firefighter and EMT and the last 15 years also in the pre-hospital medical equipment industry. His development of citizenAID™ North America is the culmination of both his street clinical and business professional experience saving lives. 


After decades of responding to incidents and seeing patient outcomes directly corollate to speed of initial care, for Bob, the citizenAID™ mission is personal. He has summed up his belief in citizenAID™ this way “The concept we are explaining is fundamental, the skills we are teaching are very basic and the fact is that if we disseminate this information in a manner that is accessible to all and easily repeatable by everyone, we will save thousands of lives. When we all work together we can make a huge difference in the lives of others”

Bob is a graduate of Dension University in Granville Ohio and is married with two children.