Dr. Josh Shapiro, Assistant Dean of Innovation and Research Affairs, UC San Diego Extension

Dr. Josh Shapiro is Assistant Dean of Innovation and Research Affairs at the Center for Research and Evaluation at UC San Diego Extension. His current evaluation projects cover a wide range of topics, including health care, advanced manufacturing, STEM education, and the role of philanthropy in economic development. He has worked on a number of labor market and innovation reports, including a grant from the National Science Foundation on the role social and cultural dynamics play in regional economic development.

Dr. Shapiro was one of the core evaluators on the effectiveness of the Department of Labor’s $500 million WIRED initiative, which involved 15 regions across the United States. He also leads Extension’s market research team, which focuses on assisting educational programs to conduct market research and curricula development for workforce and education training programs. Dr. Shapiro has taught classes on research methodology for UC San Diego and is trained in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies with a specialization in survey design.

Before attending graduate school, Dr. Shapiro worked in the conflict resolution field in Washington D.C., served as a public school teacher in South Carolina, and built homes with Habitat for Humanity in Louisiana. Dr. Shapiro holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in sociology from the UC San Diego and a B.A. in social thought and analysis from Washington University in St. Louis.