Lisa Seacat DeLuca

Master Inventor, IBM Commerce

At age 32, Lisa Seacat DeLuca is IBM’s most prolific female inventor of all time. DeLuca is a technology strategist, inventor, and software engineer specializing in mobile computing and commerce. By tapping into the endless stream of IoT data, DeLuca dreams up data-driven innovations that will solve every day problems.

DeLuca filed her first in patent in 2006, and has followed it up with more than 380 patent applications – and 180 patents issued to date! She is the creative mind behind a vehicle-based GPS that can pick up location data from things like a hotel-room key card; a necklace that lights up every time a given Twitter hashtag is used; a mechanism for identifying exactly what a truck is actually carrying so the ads on the outside can be adjusted on the fly (maximizing ad revenue); and an alert that notifies you when a topic of interest comes up during a conference call. Her current project allows retailers that use WiFi and Bluetooth beacons to gather data on shoppers as they move about a store, then analyzes the data to generate insights on consumer browsing habits  – a solution will help meet the consumer demand for a customized, personalized shopping experience.

In addition to being a prolific young inventor, DeLuca is the self-published author of a children’s book, A Robot Story, teaching kids how to count to ten in binary; the founder of SplitTix, a start-up hoping to revolutionize the live event experience; acommitter in the Apache Cordova open source community; an ambassador for the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Lemelson Foundation’s initiative to encourage young inventors; and mom to twin boys. 

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